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User Pricing

Our Prices are among the best you can get. We offer competitive prices on a sliding scale which reduce the more you buy.

0-19999 2.30
20000-49999 2.20
50000-999999 2.10
1000000-49999999 2.00
50000000 and above Call

After Payment, Contact Us by sending a text containing your payment details.


Account Number: 0039165517
Account Name: Rico-Enoro Nigeria
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc


Account Number: 0049435589
Account Name: Rico-Enoro Nigeria
Bank: Diamond Bank Plc


Pick any of the following VOUCHERS from any of our SALES OUTLETS.

Number of Units
Price (N)
100 500
200 1000
500 2250
1000 4500
2000 9000
5000 18750
10000 35000
15000 45000
20000 50000


We offer SMS at very competitive wholesale prices. Our SMS units do not expire. They are valid forever and you can use the SMS anytime you desire.

Call 08037422174 after payment

Our SMS Cost 1 Unit per Page to All GSM Networks